What is Non-Profit Marketing?

Non-profit marketing is the use of marketing tactics by a non-profit organization, which promotes the mission of the organization. Marketing is particularly important for a non-profit organization, as they usually need ways to promote their cause to volunteers who would want to help and to donors that will give to their cause.

It is much harder for a non-profit organization to gain an audience in the same way that a business providing a product or service would. This is one of the biggest reasons that non-profits should work with a professional non-profit boutique marketing firm, such as SJE Concepts, Inc.  While some of the larger non-profit marketing firms are in the business for the revenue, we offer competitive rates because we love what we do and even more so, we love helping others. SJE Concept’s mission is to help fulfill the mission of the non-profit.

Non-profits do not get as much social media attention and do not typically benefit from advertising, so it is wise for nonprofits to save their time and money on those things and channel their energy into the best ways for them to be heard.

The purpose of non-profit marketing is to have a way for non-profits to market their causes in a way that encourages people to help, which could be a dramatically different way than a traditional business would be able to get attention.

Not all non-profit marketing campaigns will be the same. In fact, the best way for a non-profit to market their cause depends on their cause and what they are trying to achieve. There are three basic categories that most non-profit marketing campaigns fall into and they are:

  • -Traditional cause marketing, which encourages donations in return for a product from the organization.
  • -Consumer fundraising, in which the organization promotes an opportunity for people to donate at their place of business.
  • -Event or program sponsorship.


All three categories of cause marketing have their advantages and disadvantages.

Adding creativity to cause marketing helps the organization structure unique marketing initiatives and helps raise awareness and adding to the bottom line.

Creative ideas add an impact to the marketing of each non-profit organization’s cause.

Taking a creative concept and turning it into reality is our specialty.

To work with the trusted provider of non-profit marketing and branding services, contact SJE Concepts, Inc. today!