Our Story

SJE Concepts, Inc. was launched in 2002, by Staci Ehrenkrantz. The company was born out of an idea that Staci wanted to do something to make a difference and give back. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, Staci intimately understood the need for additional funding, research and education to eradicate this devastating disease. Sitting in traffic, she noticed a specialty plate and asked “why is not there a specialty plate in the state of Florida to help benefit breast cancer research and education?” This led her to conceive and enact Florida’s first medical specialty license plate: “End Breast Cancer.” To date, the breast cancer awareness plate has generated over $6 million for the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition.

Recognizing her expertise, Miami Heart Research Institute/Florida Heart Research Institute hired her to create and implement the “Stop Heart Disease” specialty license plate. Beyond overseeing the license plate’s concept and production, Stated statewide marketing campaigns and managed, as well as coordinated all marketing design and collateral materials. She also became instrumental in the development side to the organization’s events and had a direct hand in creating, implementing and overseeing all of the organizations events gaining her extensive experience in event coordination and securing sponsorships.

Staci’s passion for one of society’s most sensitive causes led her to lend her expertise to Lauren’s Kids in their fight to prevent childhood sexual abuse. Under her leadership, the Lauren’s Kids “Hope & Healing” specialty license plate was created. Additionally, she developed and implemented statewide awareness campaigns to educate and fund programs for adults and children on sexual abuse prevention.

Staci’s unique skillset of creativity, coordination and project management has enabled the foundations she works with to increase awareness and raise more than 10 million dollars for life-saving causes.

Staci is uniquely qualified to consult, work with your team, or even build a team for you.


Our Story