Giving back
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The true essence of philanthropy consists of compassion, love and a tireless passion.

Recognizing the importance of philanthropy and giving back, SJE Concepts endorses the Keep Kids Smiling Fund, which supports the well-being of children and youth through The Miami Foundation’s annual Community Grants program.  By contributing to the Keep Kids Smiling Fund, you are providing vital funding for programs that prepare less fortunate, abused or neglected children and youth to thrive in school and in life. Grant recipients promote educational readiness and personal resiliency, increase access to quality health care, and improve safety at home and in the community. Explore the 2017 grant recipients here.

SJE Concepts will donate 5% of every contracted project to the Keep Kids Smiling Fund. Because we know just how much small change makes big change, we are also working towards raising additional funds and encourage you to participate.


Committed to the welfare of Miami’s children through an array of causes, we have a one year goal of raising $25,000 (or more) for the “Keep Kids Smiling Fund”.  By helping us to secure these funds for The Miami Foundation 2018 grant cycle, you will directly “give a smile” to a child and have a positive  impact in finding solutions to the vast challenges faced by children in need. 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause.

Please consider clicking the link to make your donation and “GIVE A SMILE” to a child in need. (DONATE HERE). Your donation is tax deductible and operates under the aegis of The Miami Foundation. Donations to the Fund also qualify for the maximum charitable tax deduction allowed by law.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, community foundations are authorized to administer these types of funds.  The fund is tax-exempt under the charitable status of The Miami Foundation. Any fundraising event proceeds contributed to the Keep Kids Smiling Fund is held under the aegis of The Miami Foundation. Any donations there of money, supplies, or other types of contributions will be gratefully accepted by the Foundation and used in order to advance the mission of Keep Kids Smiling Fund.